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IHAF on the side of refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh

IHAF on the side of refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh

On Wednesday, November 1, the mission of the NGO International Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHAF) left for Armenia with the aim of providing humanitarian aid to more than 100,000 refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh. IHAF with AmKE IASIS delivered four tons of humanitarian aid (personal hygiene items) to the Embassy of Greece in Yerevan, Armenia, with the kind support of Aegean Airlines, which undertook the transport of the packages, and SALAS International Group SA, which undertook the packaging of the humanitarian aid.

The mission is carried out in close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece and the Directorate Z2 of Development and Humanitarian Actions/Projects, the Ministry of Health and the Deputy Minister of Health, responsible for Mental Health matters Mr. Dimitris Vartzopoulos, the Federation of Mental Health Agencies Argo and the Department of Social Work of the University of West Attica. The representative of IHAF, Mr. Athanasiadis Vassilis, delivered the humanitarian aid to Mr. Evangelos Tournakis, Ambassador of the Greek Embassy in Armenia, Mr. Emmanuel Asimakopoulos, Consul of Greece in Armenia and Ministers of Armenian Government.

Christodouleio Child Protection Institution

Making a Difference: IHAF Volunteers Send Aid to Syria and Turkey

We are incredibly proud to share the inspiring work of our dedicated IHAF volunteers! In light of the recent devastating floods in Syria and Turkey, our team has been working tirelessly to provide much-needed support to the affected communities.

Education and hygiene are vital during times of crisis, and our volunteers have stepped up to prepare essential kits that will bring hope and relief to those affected. These kits include educational materials, stationery, and hygiene essentials to ensure that children and families have the resources they need to stay safe and continue learning.

Through their selfless efforts, our volunteers are not only providing immediate relief, but also investing in the long-term well-being of these communities. Their dedication and compassion truly embody the spirit of IHAF's mission to create positive change in the world

Christodouleio Child Protection Institution

Devastating Collapse of Nova Kakhovka Dam Deepens Ukraine's Humanitarian Crisis

In a tragic turn of events, the colossal Nova Kakhovka hydroelectric dam in Kherson, Ukraine, has collapsed, exacerbating the country's existing humanitarian crisis. The collapse has occurred amid an ongoing war that has already inflicted significant social, economic, and environmental costs upon Ukraine and its citizens. This latest catastrophe has plunged the affected region into further turmoil, leaving thousands of people homeless and without access to clean water. At the same time, the looming threat of infectious diseases looms large in the wake of the massive floods.

Now, more than ever, the people of Ukraine need our collective support and assistance. It is our duty as fellow human beings to stand in solidarity with those who are suffering. Immediate action is needed to provide emergency relief, including shelter, food, clean water, and medical aid to those affected by this latest calamity. Local and international organizations, as well as governments, must come together and coordinate their efforts to ensure that swift and efficient aid reaches the affected regions.

The international community must also rally in this time of need. Calls for assistance and donations must echo worldwide, urging individuals, corporations, and governments to contribute generously towards the relief efforts. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a meaningful difference in restoring hope and rebuilding the lives of those impacted by this tragedy.

Let us remember that the strength of a community lies in its ability to come together during times of crisis. By extending a helping hand to those in need, we can help alleviate their suffering and ultimately contribute to the recovery and resilience of Ukraine and its citizens. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by the collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam and work towards a brighter future.

Christodouleio Child Protection Institution

Christodouleio Child Protection Institution

On Thursday 15th of September, IHAF made a delivery of personal hygiene and cleaning items as well as food supplies to the girls staying at the Christodouleio Child Protection Institution in Chaidari. We are close to those who need us!

Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church received parcels including food and hygiene supplies on the morning of July 29 from IHAF's location in order to deliver them to inhabitants of Ukraine who are in need as a result of the Russian invasion.

Zanneio Foundation for Child Protection & Education

Zanneio Foundation for Child Protection & Education

On Thursday 28th of July, IHAF members once again proving their committed support for vulnerable groups, visited the Zanneio Foundation for Child Protection & Education in Ekali, in order to deliver food and hygiene items to the young Ukrainian refugees hosted there. We hope that the childrens' smiles will return permanently to their lips soon!

Stegi Thileon Agios Alexandros

Stegi Thileon "Agios Alexandros"

In the context of IHAF's humanitarian work, members of the organization visited Stegi Thileon "Agios Alexandros"' facilities at Palaio Faliro on Thursday, July 28, offerιing food and hygiene supplies.

Today the Shelter accommodates 15 girls who are prohibited from having contact with their families or people from their environment, as custody has been removed by a prosecutor's order due to incidents of abuse observed in their families.

The Stegi Thileon "Agios Alexandros"' has our full support, and we pledge to be there for the children who are in need.

Chatzikiriakeio Foundation

Chatzikiriakeio Foundation

On Thursday 21st of July, members of IHAF visited the facilities of the Chatzikiriakeio Child Protection Foundation and offered food and hygiene supplies in the context of IHAF's humanitarian activity. The IHAF members were updated by the communication and public relations assistant, Mrs. Mylona, on the daily needs and routines of the host girls as well as the institution's more than a century of uninterrupted existence.

We would like to express our whole support to the Chatzikiriakeio Foundation and guarantee that we will be there for the kids in need!

Greek House Davos 2022: Greece's role in enhancing Europe's capacity to disperse
                                        humanitarian aid in challenging times

Greek House Davos 2022: Greece's role in enhancing Europe's capacity to disperse humanitarian aid in challenging times

During the third day of operations of Greek House Davos, an effort to bring together players from the humanitarian and entrepreneurial sectors to debate resilience in the face of humanitarian crises was made.

Speakers on the panel included Mr. Rhett Power, editor of Forbes Magazine, Ms. Sandrine Dixson-Decleve, co-President of Club de Rome, Mr. Dimitris Kokosioulis, Board member of the International Humanitarian Aid Foundation and discussed Greece's role in enhancing Europe's capacity to disperse humanitarian aid in challenging times. The panelists stressed the significance of humanitarian aid organizations designating particular products for particular groups in order to reduce donation waste. Mr. Kokosioulis responded that IHAF was focused on "trying to make ourselves available to give companies the advice to prevent food waste, and to ensure that we can match people with the resources that they need" in response to a question about how to adjust to supply chain inefficiencies in the distribution of humanitarian aid.

The whole discussion is available in this link

Disrupting the way humanitarian aid is delivered to those in crisis - Leveraging
                                        Blockchain Technology to optimise the delivery of aid to those in need.

Disrupting the way humanitarian aid is delivered to those in crisis - Leveraging Blockchain Technology to optimise the delivery of aid to those in need.

Greek House connects emerging technologies to alleviate emergency situations the TechAid project

During the May 24th Greek House Davos breakfast panel, (Resiliency in Times of Humanitarian Crisis: Linkages Between Food Security, Migration and Sustainable Development) a discussion arose amongst the panelists, Mr. Nikolaos Salapataras Founder and Chairman of IHAF and SALAS GROUP, Dr. Dimitris Kokosioulis, Board member of IHAF, Mrs. Irene Vantaraki, Chair of the Board & Executive Director of Greek House Davos and Board member of IHAF, and the audience, around the best way to deliver humanitarian aid in an effective, secure manner.

Blockchain technology leverages decentralized data storage to address both challenges: specific delivery to beneficiaries in need worldwide and immutable data security. The data surrounding the emergency situations (e.g. humanitarian crisis, natural disasters etc.) is equal parts sensitive and critical; data is requisite for deploying aid effectively. By implementing decentralized solutions into the global supply chain of humanitarian aid, we can reduce waste, efficiently deploy resources, and better serve those in need.

IHAF’s project “TechAid”, will leverage blockchain technology to (i) match the available supply of goods and resources to specific beneficiaries in need (ii) track the amount and use of donations transparently to all stakeholders, and (iii) maintain the security and privacy of all parties involved.

This emerging technology impacts the world on a global scale and can be harnessed for good. Join us in our efforts to alleviate human suffering: global leaders, technology disruptors and corporations in centralized and decentralized tech, we call on you to bring what you can to the table today.

Delivery of indicative Humanitarian aid packs to the Greek Embassy of Ukraine

Delivery of indicative Humanitarian aid packs to the Greek Embassy of Ukraine

Representative of International Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHAF) Dr. Dimitrios Kokosioulis met today with Mrs Anna Vasylets Head of the Humanitarian aid division of the Ukrainian Embassy in Greece and delivered as promised to the Ambassador, indicative Food Supply and Hygiene packs identical to those that are going to be transferred to Ukraine soon. They contain provisions/products separated by number of beneficiaries and number of days that the supplies are sufficient for. In addition a full list of the products are listed on the packages for easier sorting. All packages are sealed for safe transport. IHAF remains at the disposal of the Embassy for any further assistance they may need. We fight this together

IHAF is already present in Kiev identifying the needs of the affected
                                        population in order to provide more targeted Aid to those in need.

IHAF is already present in Kiev identifying the needs of the affected population in order to provide more targeted Aid to those in need.

President of the IHAF Organization Mr. Nikolaos Salapataras in a meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Greece his Excellency Mr Sergii Shutenko informed him of the mission in Ukraine as well as the availability of the the permanent staff and volunteers of IHAF for better coordination of the Aid leaving Greece.

IHAF has welcomed representatives of the European Commission

IHAF has welcomed representatives of the European Commission

IHAF has recently welcomed representatives of the European Commission as well the President of the FEAD EU funded program and has been congratulated for the timely and efficient distribution of goods to the needy and most deprived in the most Humane way. The Organization has received merits for the quality of the goods as well as the efficient packaging that has been delivered to all beneficieries during the whole implementation of the program. IHAF has presented a good practice that can be applied by other EU member states.